Outdated Gravitational Stunting V1.4.3

Stunt through maps while on different gravity settings

  1. Update Fixes

    • Fixed the ludicrous brightness due to the last update
    • Fixed other miscellaneous stuff such as titles and text
  2. Config 2 fix

    • Fix config 2 of the le grand prix race
  3. More scenarios

    • Added config 2 for the rally covet
    • Added config 1 and 2 for a new scenario type: the gravity changes as you hit the waypoints! - This took me some time before I got this correctly working so that is why this update came about a month later than I anticipated
    • Revised times for mars raceway
    screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00001.png 20160819200317_1.jpg 20160819200346_1.jpg
  4. More additions

    • Added scenario: config 2 for grid map
    • Added scenario: config 1 of moon rally around east coast USA
    • Fixed some issues with descriptions
    • Config 2 fore the gridmap scenario shows how to make a perfect jump
    screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00001.png config1.png config2.png gridmap.gif
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  5. Another planet and updated times

    • Added new scenario: planet x grided - config 1
    • Updated the times for the other scenarios to be more competitive and added new personal bests
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  6. More courses and times

    • Added config 2 for Jupiter Sands
    • Got rid of long reloading times for Jupiter Sands
    • Put in times for Gold, Silver, Bronze and my Personal time so you can try to beat them
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