Beta Gridmap V2 Drag Strip Smooth Ramp 1.1

Just adds a simple ramp to go with the drag strip!

  1. Oxferd_Gaming
    Hi there!
    Thanks for downloading my mod, I hope you enjoy it!
    This is my second track builder mod, but this one doesn't require you to have any other mod installed!
    It will work perfectly on Gridmap V2 at the drag strip spawn location!

    How to download, two options!
    Either click "subscribe" and it automatically downloads it in your game!

    Or, just click "Download now" and it will download directly into your downloads folder!
    Just drag and drop that file from the downloads folder over to documents/

    How to spawn?
    Since the new update of BeamNG and how they redesigned the entire system layout the track builder has changed it's location! still easy to find but I will take you step by step!

    Step 1: Load the Gridmap V2 (drag strip) spawn point.
    Step 2: after map spawns press "ESC" and that'll bring up the top tool bar
    Step 3: press the "Main Menu" button
    Step 4: press the "Track Builder" button
    Step 5: After you clicked "Track Builder button this would appear
    Click "Start Track Builder Here"
    Step 6: After you clicked that button look for the track builder tool bar! it'll look like this!
    Step 7: Click on this icon to see all your track builder tracks that you have created and downloaded.
    Step 8: After you clicked the floppy disk icon named "Save and Load"
    You should see something like this!
    Step 9: As simple as I can make it all you got to do next is click the button called "Drag Strip Smooth Ramp" and it should load down as intended!
    Step 10: Enjoy!

    Here's a little picture of the aftermath of making the ramp!

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed file path (WIP)

Recent Reviews

  1. Lewhik
    Version: 1.0
    Quite fancy, and I like it
    1. Oxferd_Gaming
      Author's Response
      thank you so much! I glad you like it!
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