Beta GSC's Bruckell Bastion Pack 0.1

Because 6.5 liters isn't enough

  1. GSCisyes
    Disclaimer: this is my first mod so be nice pls

    This mod adds:
    • 3.8L V8
    • 4.2L V6
    • 4.5L V8
    • 7.3L V8
    • "Catsworth" parts for the 4.2L V6
    • and a lot of configs
    • SE 3.8
    • Luxe 3.8 AWD
    • Luxe 4.5 AWD
    • Sport 4.5
    • Sport GT 4.2
    • Sport GT 7.3
    • Sporthawk
    • Blacktail
    • Catsworth Silvertail
    Stuff I will add
    • Civetta V8 version
    • Proper skins and badges
    • Maybe more body styles if I feel like it
    Known issues
    • Every config has the wrong badging
    • Blacktail and Silvertail versions still say Redtail on the skin

    screenshot_2022-04-03_15-15-48.png screenshot_2022-04-03_15-20-22.png screenshot_2022-04-03_15-27-53.png screenshot_2022-04-03_15-30-58.png screenshot_2022-04-03_21-45-05.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Dorifto my N/A s14
    Dorifto my N/A s14
    Version: 0.1
    "Catsworth" I see what you did there
    1. GSCisyes
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