GTG Commons Mod Public 1.3.1c

A pack of shared parts for most of our mods. By: The GTG Mods Team

  1. Gregory TheGamer
    This mod is a pre-requisite for a bunch of other mods we will release in the future.

    This pack features wheels and tires that are needed for other mods to work properly!

    Such as super-singles
    Black ETK5 wheels
    Black Clockwise wheels
    Black Dragger wheels
    And wider dragger wheels up to 18 inches.

    There is a tire design that Requires Blijo's Fintray Roadsport for the tire textures! This is a tribute to Blijo for the awesome work he released!


    GTG Mods Team - The Genius Creators
    D-Troxx - Colorable Wheels

    Have fun!

    © 2020 - 2021 GTG Mods Team. All Rights Reserved.

Recent Updates

  1. Public 1.3.1c
  2. Public 1.3.0b
  3. Public 1.2.1a

Recent Reviews

  1. Blind_Summit74
    Version: Public 1.3.1c
    managed to find this so I could use the barstow f2, been looking for weeks but thank you for this :)
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      A quick and easy way to find this is to either go to our website:, or look in the overview of the mod in question. They're always listed on the overview page on our mods.

  2. carlo musumeci
    carlo musumeci
    Version: Public 1.3.1c
    vehicles/common/10Lug_wheels/Fox Heavy-Haul

    Lowboy Jeep
    Lowboy trailer

    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Hi there,

      Good catch. Some people know about that upcoming Heavy-Haulage Trailer Pack already. :P

      Yours sincerely,

      - the GTG Mods Team
  3. FloTM
    Version: Public 1.3.1c
    A good mod but i have one question ( not related to your mod): in the picture of the etk 800 (in the mod) which mod is used / gives you the bumper shown on the car?
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      That's an in-house project. Most likely not going to be released unless it becomes part of some sort of pack.

      Thanks for your review!
  4. IGiveUp
    Version: Public 1.3.0b
    Great, but it seems to delete the texture for the mud flaps on the T-Series truck. Nothing major, but I thought I'd let you know. Other than that tiny gripe, it's a great mod!
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      That's more likely to be a mod conflict instead of this dependency mod. This mod has no functionality with the T-Series besides the wheels it adds for the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack.

      Thanks for letting us know, we'll investigate this.
  5. Xupaun
    Version: Public 1.2.1a
    The mod is amazing. I only have a question: will the new IRS fit/be compatible with the pickup frame, since the F2 chassis will get a reshape?
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review. They are not compatible because of two reasons. 1 Being that they are 2 separate chassis, this one predating the D-Series one. 2 The rear frame section on the D-Series frame is too wide for it to work.
  6. j-beam infrastructure
    j-beam infrastructure
    Version: Public 1.2.1a
    Yes, very much, ultra, mega, extremely, super-duper, god-tier mod!
  7. hey_big
    Version: Public 1.2.0a
    this causess a problem with the roamer airbag steering wheel
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      We were aware of this issue. This has been fixed in the latest version. which can be found on our website as for some reason the BeamNG website doesn't let us upload the new version. Click the link below and select option 2! Link here:
  8. OldSnake
    Version: Public 1.2.0a
    22x14 wheels for t-series are epic, please can you making this wheels for all other vehicles ?
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      All the wheels and tires will be updated sometime in the future. Not sure when as we have a few big projects at the moment.
  9. HEllbug
    Version: Public 1.2.0a
    It's great but I got an issue when using this mod.
    When I have this mod installed I can't use the Airbag steering wheel as it's giving an error saying it has to do with the Barstow F2 mod.
    I really wanted to use the mods but the steering wheel bug holds me back.
    Please help me?
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Please contact us via one of our official platforms. We'd like to help you out. Visit and scroll to the bottom. There you'll find our links!
  10. ParadoxShiba
    Version: Public 1.2.0a
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