Gull Coast 1.3

A fictional area by the ocean. Features great views and fun roads.

  1. Version 0.9


    I'm proud to present Gull Coast V0.9! There's a few changes and additions, but they really stand out. Getting closer to the complete version now, yay!

    New stuff:
    • Finished adding buildings to the town
    • Added a few new roads
    • Added new rocks
    • Added new details here and there
    • Made AI better in a few scenarios
    • Created new scenarios and time trials! Go check them out!
    Coming soon:
    • New details
    • More time trials
    • A new crazy traffic scenario! I'm excited just thinking about it. It's gonna be very hard but fun.
    Coming later:
    • Sidewalks and other urban decorations
    • Better rock surfaces
    • Custom objects
    • Outer terrain
    • More scenarios; I love them!
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