Gull Coast 1.3

A fictional area by the ocean. Features great views and fun roads.

  1. Version 1.3

    I had to.
    • Fixed broken AI racer setup in race scenarios
    • Fixed missing sounds
    • Improved grass, ocean, & sky visuals
    • Removed some trees to boost performance
    • Reworked save file
    • Fixed minor Lua errors
    • Minor terrain tweaks
    A new achievements save file will be created. If you want to keep using your old one, go to <user folder>/settings/cloud/ and rename "gullCoastStats.json" to "gull_coast_save.json".
  2. Version 1.2

    Spring cleaning time! Mostly bug fixes here, but also a few tweaks.
    • Fixed broken AI in all races
    • Fixed broken config references in some scenarios
    • Fixed crash when entering special trigger zones while in a race
    • Improved the map lighting
    • Added THE PIT
  3. Version 1.1

    I was made aware of some bad and missing textures, so I decided to fix this up. I put in some extra work via the new World Editor, and made this map a bit more fun in general.
    • Fixed a few lighting and reflection issues
    • Added a few new roads and details
    • Added two new race scenarios!
    • Upgraded the achievement system
  4. Version 1.0.3

    Here we go again...

    • Fixed missing textures (grrrr!)
    • Lowered the time requirement for [Perfect Driver]
    • Added two new achievements; [Flipping Traffic] and [Insane Near Miss]!
  5. Version 1.0.2

    BeamNG V0.17 is out now... which means I have to fix some silly bugs with this map again.

    • Fixed missing textures
    • Moved some rocks and trees that were messing with the AI
    • Tweaked a few achievements (made a bit easier)
    • Tweaked a few scenarios (very minor changes)
    • Fixed the race AI, for now. It's not as pro as it used to be, but I had to prevent it from driving off certain curves for no good reason. I might revise this once the game AI gets updated; for now, enjoy the...
  6. Version 1.0.1

    Minor update.
    • New parking lot textures (fixed Z-order issue)
    • Minor tweaks and bug fixes
  7. Version 1.0!

    I decided to finish what I started. This map is now feature complete! Enjoy!

    • Removed "Turn Up the Eurobeat" scenario
    • Added "Inertia Race" scenario
    • Added "Trailer Takedowns" scenario
    • Renamed a bunch of scenarios
    • Added sidewalks and details to the town
    • Added sound effects
    • Improved a few textures, most notably the cliff rock textures
    • Added achievements! Get as many as you can!
    For the achievements feature, you must have the messages app...
  8. Version 0.9.1

    Minor update! Here's what's new:
    • Added a new very hard scenario. Good luck!
    • Added details to a lot of the roads
    The next update might be the final one for a long while. I want to finish this map once and for all, and start a new one.
  9. Version 0.9


    I'm proud to present Gull Coast V0.9! There's a few changes and additions, but they really stand out. Getting closer to the complete version now, yay!

    New stuff:
    • Finished adding buildings to the town
    • Added a few new roads
    • Added new rocks
    • Added new details here and there
    • Made AI better in a few scenarios
    • Created new scenarios and time trials! Go check them out!
    Coming soon:
    • New details
    • More time trials
    • A new crazy...
  10. Gull Coast Version 0.8.1

    New version! Get hyped. Here's what's fresh:
    • Buildings added! In fact, I made a tiny town!
    • New asphalt road
    • New crazy uphill dirt path
    • New race scenario
    • Added some details here and there
    Coming up next:
    • Sidewalks and other urban objects! Yeah, the town is a bit ugly right now.
    • More roads
    • More scenarios
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