Beta Half Pipe 2.1

A gigantic half pipe for catching some air in your pickup truck.

  1. More Ramps

    Added loop de loop, tunnel, and skate park models to the level. Also rebuilt and improved the half pipe.

    The trick to landing the half pipe is to pull the hand brake and steer right or left 2 or 3 blocks from the top of the ramp; this will spin the car around so it lands forwards. Timing the maneuver is the key to sticking the landing, it should land smoothly. A game pad works better than a wheel. The best cars for jumping seem to be ones witrh any suspension type other than race, and cars with a good horse power/weight ratio. The skate park section has the same shape as the half pipe and performs similar.

    The loop and tunnel mainly require good horse power to loop around. Try looping around as you take the corner of the tunnel.
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