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Hawcon Phaedra 1.0

A simple boxer sports coupe, based off of the Subaru BRZ. Have fun :-)

  1. workyclock
    This is the 2018 Hawcon Phaedra. Based off the Subaru BRZ, this simple sports coupe is safe, quick, and fun as hell.

    How quick you ask? Quick enough to hit 60 MPH in 7.2 seconds with an automatic transmission.

    How safe? Safe enough to hit a solid wall at 105 MPH and still have a perfect cabin. So you can bet your ass it's safe.

    It features a Boxer 6 engine, manual and automatic transmission, RWD, and functional ESC.

    I do appreciate honest criticism, so don't be afraid to speak your mind in the reviews. Have fun! :)


    HighresScreenshot00005.png HighresScreenshot00006.png HighresScreenshot00009.png HighresScreenshot00008.png HighresScreenshot00010.png HighresScreenshot00011.png HPInternals.png lol3.jpg lol1.jpg lol2.jpg lol5.jpg HawconPhaedra.png

    All Hawcon vehicles are designed and tuned in Automation. Big thanks to the Beam.NG and Automation team making the greatest crossover event in history.

    Designed and tuned by: workyclock

Recent Reviews

  1. Hekapoo
    Version: 1.0
    nice car
    1. workyclock
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
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