Heated Pursuits (New V2.0) 2.1.1

Stop the suspects! A series of crazy police pursuits in West Coast USA.

  1. Version 2.1.1

    Updated for game version 0.26 .
    • Fixed controls freeze during the countdown
    • Improved AI
  2. Version 2.1

    Small update.
    • Fixed so it works with BeamNG v0.24
    • Enabled UI timer
  3. Version 2.0 (RENEWAL!)

    A total remake, done with the Flowgraph Editor!
    • Converted all of the old stuff into flowgraphs
    • Improved scenarios; now with new vehicles, plots, and gameplay!
    • Added time based scoring
    • Added secret vehicle selection feature
  4. Version 1.2

    Ooh, an update! Read on:
    • Tweaked aggression and damage values
    • Moved stuff a bit in scenario #6, so the AI will have a better start
    • Removed useless Lua files
    Other than that, the scenarios are mostly the same. Gonna go work on some new scenarios now!
  5. Heated Pursuits (Gull)

    Version 1.1! Here's what's new:

    • Fixed time of day. Restarting the scenario should now have the correct time of day.
    • Fixed damage tolerance for some of the scenarios. This should make things slightly easier and less frustrating.
    • Added some props, mostly to Heated Pursuit 6. Don't hit the Pigeon!
    • Moved a few vehicle positions, slightly.
    • Updated thumbnails, made them prettier than the old ones.
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