High power car pack 8.1.0

A pack of cars that contain high performance parts. Some realistic, some not so much :)

  1. 0.11 feature update

    Spaceballs the Username
    This update adds NOS and afterfire effects to all engines.

    Other changes:
    • Tweaked torque curve of 200BX 2.4L
    • Lowered max RPM on Sunburst 5.0 V8
    • Increased grip on rear wheels for the Group 2 Bolide config
    • Added sequential gearbox to 200BX and Bolide
    • Changed config for 2.4 Race 200BX and adjusted configs for all sunburst models
    • Other stuff I probably forgot
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  2. Fix for SBR instability

    Spaceballs the Username
    This is a quick update to fix SBR instability while I work on the new 0.11 feature integration. As a result of fixing SBR instability, I added NOS support to it.

    I also added an experimental F1-style engine to the SBR4, a hellcat engine to the hopper, and a second stage turbo for the racing V8 in the sunburst. Maxxed out, it produces about 2,700 bhp.
  3. New Thumbnails, changed tire grip a little

    Spaceballs the Username
    This update adds new thumbnails both for the garage and for the selector.

    This update also adds the new load sensitivity feature to my custom race tires, and grip has been lowered a bit overall to be more realistic.

    I also removed the 'GTR' tires and replaced them with a slightly better race compound. These tires are default on the ETK K-Series V6 and V12 configs.
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  4. Update for 0.10: New Sounds and Minor Fixes [New thumbs coming soon]

    Spaceballs the Username
    • Changed filenames to abide by a convention to prevent possible filename conflicts: sb_[partsType]s
    • Added sounds to all engines (V8 engines get V8 sounds, etc. Only exception is V12 ETK engine gets V10 sound since there's no V12 and I can't make a good enough sound)
    • Added X1000 and X2000 turbos to T-Series, previously T500 and T600, but renamed to prevent conflicts from official content.
    New thumbnails when I can get the thumbnail generator to work.
  5. Minor fix for Sunburst V10

    Spaceballs the Username
    Fixed: Transmission slot not appearing for Sunburst V10 Engine.
  6. AWD Pessima, Minor Fixes/Changes, New Stuff!

    Spaceballs the Username
    • Some radiators have been given improved effectiveness to prevent overheating.
    • Added a radiator to the 200BX 2.4L Race model (oops)
    • Added a V6 6-speed manual for the Pessima so it doesn't top out at 140mph
    • Added AWD/RWD support for the Pessima (6-speed manual only)
    • Added adjustable diffs to Sunburst and made the Ludicrous model actually fast again.
    • Added 2 turbochargers, 2 transmissions, and a more powerful engine for the T-Series
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  7. Update for 0.8.x compatibility

    Spaceballs the Username
    This update brings the mod into 0.8.x versions with updates to all drivetrain-related parts. Several parts configs had to be reworked. For now, the Pessima loses its AWD ability, though I may add a transfer case later on. The performance stats, especially on manual configs, will be off by a bit since some spec numbers have changed and the new driveline simulation is more realistic.

    Added a minor last-minute fix for the roamer/pickup radiator.
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  8. ETK I-Series configs

    Spaceballs the Username
    Three identical race versions of the ETK I-Series to represent your favorite Pokemon GO team!

    Don't worry, someone else will make better liveries, but these'll do for now.
    valor.png instinct.png mystic.png

    A high-powered drift version is also available!

    All 4 configs use a tuned 3.0L i6 that gets rid of the massive torque dip found in the higher rpms.
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  9. Fix for Bolide 450, added performance metrics to all vehicles

    Spaceballs the Username
    The Bolide 450 Group 2 now drives fast without cooking itself, due to a better radiator.

    Performance metrics have been added for all vehicles. The Drag Bolide has an issue with the automatic testing where, during the top-speed run, it turns to the left and crashes, so only 0-60 data is present from the top-speed run.
  10. Update for 0.6.0

    Spaceballs the Username
    • Fixed / changed configs for Sunburst and 200BX (bumpers were missing on 0.6)
    • Removed Sunburst V10 configs, engines and parts are still there.
    • Added Supercharger simulation to all vehicles that have one
    • Added Variable Race Supercharger to Barstow, still a WIP
    • Made Barstow Viper more like an official race car, thanks to new rollcage
    cobra.png viper.png asiimov.png ludicrous.png sao.png
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