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Beta High Rev engine & parts for old Pessima 1.3.1

Engine and extra tuning for the Pessima.

  1. Uploaded the wrong file..I'm stupid.

    uploaded an outdated file
  2. Clean trunk + License plates + New config and probably more

    What's new in this update:
    • Clean & smooth trunk
    • New licenseplate placement (EU and US):
    20181223133702_1.jpg 20181223133718_1.jpg
    • New config - High Rev Hillclimb AWD:

    Updated the configs to have the new parts.
  3. New configs ~ Thumbnails ~ few changes!

    This update adds 2 new configs;
    • High Rev Rally AWD:
    • High Rev Track AWD:

    • Adjusted the Custom Dual Exhaust 2. It now splits off right after the header/turbo.
    Yes, it does clip through the transmission/engine, but who cares. No one is going to look down there anyway, right?
    • New thumbnails
    • Some engine value changes.
    Hope you enjoy!
  4. im dumb

    I forgot to add the new spoiler to the Sleeper AWD config..
  5. New ricey bumpers and spoiler

    This update adds a new spoiler and some lowered looking front and rear bumpers, both normal and widebody versions!
    • Sleeper AWD has the new spoiler and widebody lowered bumpers
    • Turbo AWD has the new normal lowered bumpers
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