Outdated Hirochi Drag Strip (and Le Mans track) V0.10.1

Hirochi already have a raceway, so why not a drag strip? (also, Le Mans track)

  1. Darthbob555
    BeamNG has a lot of tracks and race courses but not many drag strips.
    This map attempts to rectify this problem and adds in five different drag strips. The first drag strip is short and will take 20 seconds with a drag car to complete.
    The second drag strip is much longer and generally allows cars to reach their top speed before crossing the finish line.
    Both drag strips have room to slow down and sand is placed for convenience on the first drag strip to aid the slowdown. The second drag strip exceeds the terrain and therefore a wall is supplied for the same effect after an extension of the terrain for some braking distance.
    The next three are for cars that have good suspension travel, likely an offroad car will suffice nicely.
    There is also a RoC track which allows you to race the AI in a technical track.
    As well as this, there is a twisting mountain track that features tight hairpins and long straights to put race cars through their paces.
    Not quite finished but the bulk is there, a Le Mans track is situated to the left of the spawn point that containers two bridges and some technical chicanes and corners to put your car through its paces AI not fully implemented)
    Now in Beta! - as always, feedback is appreciated to improve this map.

    List of things to add:
    • Signs for the distance of the drag strips
    • Fill in the Le Mans track in the center
    • Sort out the barriers around the Le Mans track
    • Fix some misc issues such as terrain collisions (most notably at the starting mountains)
    • Add scenarios! (many planned)
    Video for the new Le Man track (not yet finished):


    screenshot_1 (1).png screenshot_1 (2).png screenshot_1 (4).png screenshot_1 (5).png screenshot_1 (6).png screenshot_3 (1).png screenshot_3 (2).png screenshot_3 (3).png screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00005.png screenshot_00007.png screenshot_00009.png screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00024.png screenshot_00027.png

Recent Reviews

  1. rstephan
    Version: V0.10.1
    Excellent map many things to do. keep up the good work. can you add a quarter mile timing system and starting tree?
  2. PikaPika
    Version: V0.10.0
    Took me too long to get to the actual DrapStrip and the Spawn in in the middle of Nowhere...
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Tested it and it took me 20 seconds with the stock pickup. I've got an update coming through so tell me if that works or not and I'll sort it out for you :)
    Version: V0.9.0
    this map is fun for hirochi cars ;) please continue to make more good mods thank you
  4. TheDOgeID
    Version: V0.9.0
    I Love This Map But It Took Me Way Longer To Get Around. As A Person With Out A Beefy Computer I Was Wonder If You Could Possible Make A Version Without Trees, Grass, Or Anything To Reduce Lag.
  5. Epaxx_95
    Version: V0.9.0
    Great Mod! Pls add Monza!
  6. Cheekqo
    Version: V0.9.0
    10/10 IGN, I really like it, and its really good.
  7. xaxaxm28
    Version: V0.9.0
    This is beggining to look like a big project. Just add the "S" to Le ManS please
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      That was a derp on my part!
  8. Arctic Titan
    Arctic Titan
    Version: V0.8.0
    This is great, I really enjoy it. A few suggestions that I could give would be to maybe on the drag strips have actual road textures and have signs next to the specific area like as an example next to the 1/4 mile have a sign that says 1/4 mile and next to 1/2 mile with curves there would be a sign that would say 1/2 mile with curves ...etc
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      That's a good suggestion; I'll see what I can do.
  9. LewisRocks205
    Version: V0.7.1
    Nice. I really like it.
  10. Tsunami_Racer
    Version: V0.7.1
    Its Great
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