Hirochi Prasu engine add-on pack 3.0

Contains 2 made from scratch engines, 19 configurations and other things


    This update is basically mod rebuilt from scratch, with new meshes, jbeams and content. Configurations remain the same, but all of them were altered to incorporate new changes. It was a hard and time-consuming work which began in late May. I planned to finish it in a couple of weeks, but they turned into a couple of months (of course I didn't work all that time, I had to take breaks to not become bored with this project). Mod description has already been rewritten to incorporate the changes....
  2. V8 sounds

    Kind of late hotfix that adds sounds to the V8 engine. Proper update coming at some point, too.
  3. Exhaust bugfix

    Fixed a V8 exhaust bug.
  4. Sounds

    Adds beefy V8 and humble I4 sounds to respective engines.
  5. Reworked diesel

    Many complaints have been filed about the diesels revving well into the 9000 rpm. The diesel turbos have been greatly reworked to solve the problem. Diesel models also received a small power boost- Diesel from 206 to 207 hp, Diesel Sport from 270 to 274 hp.
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  6. SOUNDS (and adjusted turbos)

    This update adds sounds for both engines and adjusted turbochargers for the diesel. The diesel versions also became a little bit more powerful (+1hp :)). From now on, you can use all the turbochargers on the diesel- no more limits!
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