Hirochi SBR - Series Rally Gravel 1.5.1

dirt baby vroom! (•‿•)

  1. Electric Performance's fixes

    Welcome to another update, v1.5.1 that contains some fixies to the eSBR Rally Version :
    • Fixed unstabllity of eSBR controls
    • Added Stabillity control (Previously removed, now added again)
    • Removed Traction Control to make smooth rally possible
    • Changed Electric Motor
    Hopefully to work perfectly & have fun!
  2. Fixes & Equipments

    • Added Multi Shift Lights (Gasoline Configs)
    • Fixed revving & exploding engine issue (Gasoline Configs)
    • Added Engine Lid (Gasoline & Electric Configs)
    • Tweaked Power of Car
    • Replaced Regular Differential with Race Differential (Gasoline & Electric Configs)
    Have Fun!
  3. moderation: fix

  4. Refreshing the Loading Screen!

    Update v1.4.1.1 is out now!
    Added New Loading Screen Pictures :
    1.png 2.png

    Write Me a PM if doesn't Work, But I think works perfectly :)
  5. Some fixes

    Just Some Fixies to the Electric Config and Replacing "Electric Motor" With "Performance Electric Motor":)
  6. New Version is out! Bugfixes

    • Replaced ESC With Race Electronics
    • Reduced Volume of Backfire Sound by Replacing "Race X-Pipe Muffler" with "X-Pipe Muffler" for Gasoline Configs
  7. (The Electric Performance)

    Welcome to a Big update version 1.3 !
    • Added eSBR (Electric) Configuration
    • Changed Differential in Gasoline Configs
    • Fixed When you revving high in at least 1 minute and engine will explode in Gasoline Configs
    • Updated All thumbnails
    Have Fun!
    screenshot_2021-01-24_14-19-37.png screenshot_2021-01-24_14-32-59.png screenshot_2021-01-24_15-37-52.png
    Note :

    Some peoples may be wondered why I don't used Apex Livery in eSBR Config, Here's why :
    The eSBR Parts...
  8. Compitability Update for BeamNG 0.21

    • Replaced Sport Disc brakes With Race Disc Brakes
    • From Now, Brakes have Sounds Which is The 0.21's Update have Brake Sounds for All Vehicles
  9. Color, color & color

    Added Better Interior design as well (Interior designs based on the color of config) :
    DCT :
    screenshot_2020-11-29_22-16-28.png screenshot_2020-11-29_22-17-36.png

    Manual :
    screenshot_2020-11-29_22-18-37.png screenshot_2020-11-29_22-18-59.png
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