Beta Hirochi Scintilla Race 1.0

A 3 lap race in Scintillas around the Hirochi long course

  1. el_ferrito
    This is my first go at an ai race mission. It's you in the scintilla race config, up against 5 others in the same (different skins).

    3 laps around the long Hirochi course.


    Note, know bugs/issues:
    • I have had to keep them set to 1 on aggression, as anything above this and they just crash out before completing 1 lap. This means they aren't really gunning for it, but I still found it a challenge to complete 3 full laps with them in the way.
    • They tend to just get into a single file convoy if left alone, but this is influenced a lot by you getting in the mix.
    • They often stall at the start. I assume this will be addressed in future updates, but likely relates to the power of the scintilla race config and how the ai is revving as the countdown finishes. I either restart until they set off well, wait a few seconds and then start myself, or just weave through them and begin at the front.
    • They crash, a lot - although this is reduces with the reduced aggression.
    Anyway, enjoy. I found it fun. If there is interest, I might create more races in this and other maps, with other vehicle line-ups.

Recent Reviews

  1. Lewhik
    Version: 1.0
    This is cool
    1. el_ferrito
      Author's Response
      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
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