Hirochi Start 2.3.1

The cheapest Hirochi in the world is here!

  1. Hirochi Start -The Still Alive Update

    After months of decay, the Start is back!

    Fully updated to 0.16, several components have been upgraded, updated, or even redone from scratch for a whole new beige experience, here is a quick recap:
    • All parts and jbeams checked and updated as much as possible with the newest changes to the main car, including the new body shape.
    • Brand new headlights, better looking with way less visible polys.
    • Added all latest additions in sounds, including horn, dynamic engine/exhaust sound, and a proper diesel sound among other details.
    • Brand new window cranks, better looking with virtually no visible polys.
    • Simplified the dash even more with a black plastic vents surrounding.
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