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Hirochi Start 2.3.1

The cheapest Hirochi in the world is here!

  1. Super Update!

    screenshot_2019-05-09_23-59-59.png screenshot_2019-05-10_00-30-29.png
    • Added the Start Super config. Which stands for Super Cheap.
      • No ABS
      • No right external mirror
      • No central locking
      • No vents and HVAC system
      • No water temperature gauge
      • Clock instead of tachometer (yes, just gives the hour, not the minutes!)
      • Cheaper Hirochi logo on the steering wheel
      • Cheaper looking gear knob
      • Sightly cheaper seats
    • Fixed and updated all turbos for all configs
    • Made all interior carpeting and seats black
    • Made all info on all gauges orange (no more white letters/symbols)
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