Beta Hirochi Start 1.75

The cheapest Hirochi in the world is here!

  1. Hirochi Start 1.75

    • Updated to game version so the mod works again.
  2. Moderation : Fixes

    Moderation : Fixes
  3. Hirochi Start 1.7

    • Fixed 1.0 engine using the I4 radiator instead of the I3 one.
    • Removed cupholders and armrest from the dash.
    • Added a cheaper looking hood grille for trims with one.
    • Added optional Indian and Kazakhstan license plates.
    screenshot_00155.png screenshot_00152.png
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  4. MODERATION : removed duplicated parts (front bumper options)

    MODERATION : removed duplicated parts (front bumper options)
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  5. Hirochi Start 1.62

    • Fixed orange no texture problem on the left headlight
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  6. MODERATION : Little coma error

    MODERATION : Little coma error
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  7. Hirochi Start 1.6

    • Deleted swaybars
    • Non-projector front lights
    • Rear custom lights (more boring looking)
    • Amber lights for the indicators
    • Painted the brake calipers gray
    • New front bumper (closed side intakes, new central intake design)
    • Interior:
      • Deleted electric windows cluster from the passenger door.
      • Deleted the 6th gear number from the gear lever
    • Bugfixes
    BeamNG 2016-09-07 01-21-49-49.png screenshot_00142.png screenshot_00143.png
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  8. Hirochi Start 1.51

    • Fixed moving Hirochi logo on the grileless hood when turning.
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  9. Hirochi Start 1.5

    • Added a new range of engines
    • Added custom plates for every engine model (Russian plate now optional)
    • Added a custom grilleless hood for certain models
    • Added a custom diesel instrument panel for the diesel model
    • Some bug fixes
    screenshot_00134.png screenshot_00135.png
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  10. Hirochi Start 1.4

    • The 1.2 engine now has 75 HP and 118nm of torque for increased reality.
    • Added a new 3-cylinder 3D model for the 1.2 engine, with custom engine block, radiator and intake (pipes and hoses)
    • Deleted the rear seats headrests.
    • Updated the gauges with fixes in the textures and MPH units deletion.
    screenshot_00116.png screenshot_00117.png screenshot_00118.png
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