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Outdated Hirochi Sunburst Electric 3.61

"It's Electric!"

  1. fixed for 0.11

    removed esc, as that was causing problems
  2. 4 wheel drive

    Added new 4WD setup.
    Added low range option

    Highly recommended for offroad models.
    Just select it from the parts selector :)
  3. mvt

    Version 3.5!

    -added new manually variable transmission
    (adjustable via the tuning menu) :)

    now you can choose the perfect ratio for your needs :)

    Soon, i'll try to add it as a key binding, so you can adjust as you drive with the push of a button ;)

    -added new MVT configurations



    1. mvt.png
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  4. better ludicrous version

    Added new grippy ludicrous tires

    doubled the power of the ludicrous motor ;) now it actually does 220 mph!

    changed the wheels of the "crazy taxi" model

  5. very small fix

    Fixed trunk lettering on the xBasic Model :)
  6. 3.41

    Added new 2Race version

    Added new "Sunburst EV" logo to the Instrument cluster

    Hopefully trunk lettering next! If you would like to help, please let me know! :)



    1. screenshot_00008.jpg
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  7. new ratios

    all the ratios for the gearboxes have been tuned.

    The single speed now uses the max ratio: 1.5

    The dual speed now uses the min and max ratio: 2.5 and 1.5

    the CVT now varies between the min and max ratio: 2.5 and 1.5

    essentially, the vehicle will reach the same top speed no matter what gearbox is used. Only the acceleration and smoothness will vary. :)

    Added 2Sport and 2xSport models

    Enjoy! and thanks for 15,000 downloads! :D
  8. bugfixes

    squished some minor bugs

    increased power of ludicrous motor

    added option for single or dual speed ludicrous motor

    Enjoy! :)
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  9. convertible and new esc

    Version 3.21

    added new WIP "convertible" roof and glass option. :)

    added new post crash braking system from the Etk's (thanks to @MartinTalmant)

    Enjoy! ;)


    1. screenshot_00006.jpg
  10. major update

    Version 3.2

    Lowered power of electric motors

    added new EcoGreen configuration

    Added actual trunk lettering :)

    New Rear bumpers without the exhaust cutout!! :D (Thanks SushiPro) one small problem though, the textures are now mirrored on the bumper. :( I'll try to find a solution ASAP.

    Enjoy!! :cool:


    1. screenshot_00003.jpg
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