Hirochi Sunburst Premia 2.0

Less sporty, more luxurious and comfortable

  1. Ytrewq
    This was my first public mod.
    The Premia is a comfort and luxury oriented trim of the Sunburst. It offers smoother ride than more expensive sports trims, but has all options the Sunburst has to offer: AWD, satnav system, sunroof and fog lights. Alder Basketweave rims give it a distinguishable, classier look. The Premia fares well on bad roads and during light offroading due to having high profile tires and higher ground clearance like the cheaper versions and AWD like the sporty ones.
    It is currently available in 6 versions: with 1.8 engine (optional CVT), with 2.0 engine (optional DCT) and with turbocharged 2.0 engine (optional DCT). The turbocharged version is called Premia X and combines the dynamics of the Sport RS with the comfort of the Premia. You can easily tell it apart from the regular Premia by black and chrome rims instead of grey ones. The Premia X is one mighty factory sleeper!
    All versions have proper lettering.
    Initially, I planned it as a no-frills AWD workhorse Sunburst as such a trim was missing from the game, since AWD was limited to sports trims with lower ground clearance and bodykits which greatly limited the Sunburst's offroad performance. But I chose a wrong name for it - Premia - which symbolized luxury, and, without even realizing it, started to shape the car to fit this name. That's how it ended up being almost a complete opposite of what it was meant to be.


    1. screenshot_2019-05-08_20-55-32.jpg
    2. screenshot_2019-05-08_20-57-35.jpg

Recent Updates

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  2. Lettering
  3. Hirochi Sunburst Premia

Recent Reviews

  1. Derp_de_Herp
    Version: 2.0
  2. Youngtimer
    Version: 1.0
    Like the lettering!
    1. Ytrewq
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  3. CharredWing
    Version: 0.9
  4. Peter Beamo
    Peter Beamo
    Version: 2017-01-16
    you should make more.....add some parts in it
    make it good for offroading
    1. Ytrewq
      Author's Response
      As I said earlier, I'm going to make more Sunburst configs and something like a Subaru Impreza Outback is among them :)
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