Hirochi Sunburst Premia 2.0

Less sporty, more luxurious and comfortable

  1. 0.16 widebody update

    What has been done:
    • Premia made compatible with 0.16 and use the widebody parts like all AWD Sunbursts
    • Overhauled the X: replaced the variable boost turbo with the factory Sport RS turbo, replaced race gearboxes and exhaust with their factory equivalents, added Sport RS brakes and ECU
    • Added satnav and sunroof to all models
    • Rewritten the descriptions so they look closer to the official ones and don't look like they were written by a ten year old
    • Added actual...
  2. Lettering

    Premia got lettering.
    screenshot_00364.png screenshot_00365.png
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  3. Hirochi Sunburst Premia

    What has been done:
    New configs- Premia X DCT and Premia X manual
    Tried to make proper lettering and failed. Removed 1.8 lettering from all configs.
    Premia X is a high performance Premia model with high performance radiator, variable boost turbocharger, race exhaust, differently coloured rims and race manual or DCT transmission. That's the ultimate factory sleeper!
  4. Moderation : thumbnail fix / zip renamed

    Moderation : thumbnail fix / zip renamed
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