1. Intel iGPU (6xx series) crashes
    Fixed drivers available!
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Outdated Hirochi Super Race 1.8.5

Powerful cars, 3 laps, can you win?

  1. AI hotfix

    Fixed the AI deciding that a service road with a wall in front of it was the track. I reverted the AI to what it previously was.
  2. Racer 17 and some AI improvements!

    screenshot_00024 - Copy-Recovered.png
    Racer 17 has joined! I think this may be the best skin I have done yet!
  3. Better AI and New Racer!

    Made a few tweaks to the AI to hopefully improve the way they drive around the track, racer #24 has now arrived also!
  4. Just When You Thought the Mod Was Done!

    A new challenger appears!
    Race-car number 14 has joined, AS YOU!
    Skin #20 is in-game, but both this and #20 are WIP!
    (this also may or may not work with the new map.getMap() change, I wont know for sure but in my tests modifying the line it worked)
  5. Barriers Redone!

    Custom Barriers are added!
    Render Imgur Link
  6. New Barrier Model

    I modified the barrier model that came with the scenarios to have 2 lights on top of it (they won't work because I don't know how to make them work without FPS hit)
    Rendered Image:

    Also did some small fixes with typo's.
    Better Barrier Texture (and model possibly)
    Custom Vehicle skins (Texture is not showing up currently for some reason)​
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