Beta Historic Rally Italia 0.3

Five stages of rallying on the new Italy map

  1. RSWatanabe

    Two gravel stages, two tarmac stages and one mixed surface stage on the new Italy map. All of the stages feature added props for a proper atmosphere and an extra challenge in some cases. You can choose between two historic rally cars, the Autobello Piccolina and the Ibishu Miramar.

    screenshot_2018-12-28_22-03-10.png screenshot_2018-12-28_22-14-06.png screenshot_2018-12-28_22-08-08.png screenshot_2018-12-28_22-10-32.png screenshot_2018-12-28_21-10-33.png

Recent Reviews

  1. CrimsonCrocodile
    Version: 0.3
    I finally had the chance to play some of the scenarios today and I have to say I could not be more impressed! All the courses are long, sometimes challenging and provide beautiful views. I also love the idea of a 'historic' rally and the vehicle selection provided. Additionally, I love the artwork and presentation of the scenario selection images - It makes the mod seem very polished and professional.

    Overall it's a great mod. It's incredibly fun, realistic and immersive, especially using a racing wheel with a shifter and clutch with the driver camera.

    My only suggestions are:
    - 'Rally Italia' vehicle skins for increased realism - I would be more than willing to do this for you... PM me if you are interested.
    - Co-Driver calls before corners (although I'm not even sure if it's possible)

    Great work!!
    1. RSWatanabe
      Author's Response
      I've actually had the same exact ideas as you. I'll need to check how skins work in BeamNG. I've made skins for other games so it shouldn't be too hard to add them. Co-Driver calls are also definitely possible and I've tried playing around with adding sound triggers before corners, but I'm not familiar enough with BeamNG to figure out how to make them work. (help appreciated!)
  2. Sternendrache
    Version: 0.3
    Love this! Awesome routes with decent length. Really fun with both cars.
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