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Beta Historic Rally Italia 0.7

Six stages of rallying on the new Italy map - Now with pacenotes

  1. New stage, stage 5 update

    Added stage 6 on mixed surface, new version of the chicane on stage 5 with tire barriers
  2. Point scoring system, graphical update, fixed textures

    Point scoring system, new skin for the Autobello, new scenario previews with stage layouts and fixed barrier textures
  3. New skin for the Miramar, bugfixes

    Cleaned up some of the files, fixed stage 3 and added a custom skin for the Miramar
  4. Pacenotes

    Added early pacenotes for all stages.
  5. New stage, second car, overall improvements

    Now featuring another stage in the center of the map, plus all of the stages are drivable with a rally variant of the Miramar. The previous versions were released in a hurry, this one should fix quite a lot of things.
  6. Fixed file structure

    Fixed file structure
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