HO Gavril Diesel 1.2

High Output tune for the Gavril v8 diesel

  1. Bob PD830
    This is a mod that makes the v8 Gavril diesel perform similar to a newer Duramax with a chip. It also comes with a retuned 6 speed automatic transmission to take advantage of the increased torque with excellent towing capability. The sledpuller pickup has a race tuned engine that makes 6-700 hp and about 1000 ft-lb of torque.

    This engine is compatible with the D series and the H series Gavrils.

    The parts included are the engine, turbo, a 4000 rpm ecm, a 6 speed automatic transmission with manual gear selection and a tow kit, and a low stall lockup torque converter for towing.

    Also included is an adjustable race ecm capable of 5000 rpm, and a race turbo.
    Please leave a rating.

    dually.png flatbed.png crewcab.png sledpuller.png shortbox.png

    If this becomes very popular I may finish an engine swap mod that puts this motor in the semi or other vehicles.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed support for H-Series
  2. Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Alex_Farmer557
    Version: 1.1
    poor file structure, has an rigs of rods .ink file leftover, configs are in the wrong folder
    1. Bob PD830
      Author's Response
      I did not upload a .ink file, no idea where you found it. What is the proper folder structure? Does everything work for you? What folder should the configs be in?
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