Hot Pessima 1986 1.3.1

A Special edition before the wideworld version was made

  1. Hot Pessima 1986 (diesel & wagon update)

    This is a verision of the pessima, it was made before the more succesful 1988 version, it only came in a manual 1.8 and a 1.6D engine
    wagon: The wagon mod is made by @LJ74 here is a link to the wagon mod:

    Hot F and R bumper
    Hot grille
    Hot exhaust
    Hot trunk (also in wag mod)
    Hot tailights and trunklights
    Hot front and trunk badges
    1.6D engine with random diesel parts
    Hot 1.8

    Hot 1.8 Sport

    Hot 1.8 Turbo

    Hot 1.6D

    Hot 1.6DS

    This mod has been made in a day so dont expect the world from it, hope you like it tho


    1. Hot16D.png
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