Experimental Hot Rods 0.1

3 hot rods that are: the hopper, automebello, and pigeon

  1. TheodoreB
    3 little hot rod configurations for Beamng Drive. The cars are the Auto, Pigeon, and hopper. HotRodM.jpg The Auto has the most powerful engine available and has no fenders and better suspension and cooler rims and tires it also has a special Italy paint job hotrodpigeon.jpg The pigeon has no front coil over spring so it can have better looks. So have a nice ride! It also has the gas engine I6HotRodM.jpg The hopper is RWD and has a I6 and drag rims and tires. It also has a convertible roof.

    If you want to you can get the scout hopper mod an use its roof on this and it will look like an old ford deuce coupe and keep the rear seat it then looks like it has a rumble seat. screenshot_2020-11-15_17-10-17.png screenshot_2020-11-15_20-01-15.png

    I tried to make hot rods out of other cars like the bluebuck and pickup but, it looked ugly

    You might have to do the special file stuff and just to help the file is called "hot rod mod"

    Make sure to rate it however you think it should be rated and tell me if I should add anything else.

    have a nice day!
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