Beta Humble Config Pack 2.0.1

All vanilla, all fun.

  1. HumbleTerror
    (IF CONFIGURATIONS ARE NOT SHOWING, MAKE SURE "SHOW CUSTOM VEHICLES IN VEHICLE SELECTOR" IS ENABLED IN UI SETTINGS) This is a pack of my best configurations for v0.25.4. All parts used are vanilla so no additional mods are needed! Keep in mind that this is my first mod. Special Thanks To u/Widgex for helping me upload this, u/ROGUEPIX3L for naming "The Hog", and Bolt2407\_Beamfan for explaining how to create descriptions for the configs (Coming Soon In V1.9).

    Discussion thread:

    284160_20211212211851_1.png 284160_20211212212149_1.png 284160_20211212190410_1.png 284160_20211212190516_1.png SquattedA.jpg 284160_20211211180954_1.png 284160_20211211181048_1.png 284160_20211219154838_1.png 284160_20211219170439_1.png 284160_20211219170814_1.png 284160_20211219171946_1.png 284160_20211219173136_1.png 284160_20211219184317_1.png 284160_20211219185209_1.png Drag.jpg Track.jpg screenshot_2022-06-20_07-22-27.png screenshot_2022-06-20_07-32-12.png 284160_20220625220554_1.png 284160_20220704122653_1.png 284160_20220704133300_1.png 908962-a3f2242674bc176957c6bc0ea5ecb2ad.png 284160_20220704142407_1.png 284160_20220704142445_1.png 284160_20220704142524_1.png 284160_20220704142547_1.png 284160_20220704142616_1.png 284160_20220704142915_1.png

Recent Updates

  1. 0.26.1
  2. Descriptions
  3. Descriptions

Recent Reviews

  1. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.7
    I made the Squatted config even worse. I put race springs on the back (lowered those in tuning) and lifted the off-road springs in the front.
  2. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 1.5
    haha nice
  3. OmniBLU07
    Version: 1.3
    I am sure this is a real quality pack, but for some reason its just a single vehicle, a separate one. Any fix?
    1. HumbleTerror
      Author's Response
      V1.4.1 Has been uploaded for approval. This update includes a change to file packaging which should fix this issue hopefully.
  4. Oomer
    Version: 1.0
    Found on reddit.
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