Beta Humble Config Pack 1.5

All vanilla, all fun.

  1. Screamin Pumpkin

    Roamer “The Mountain” swapped fender flares

    Hopper Added “Screamin Pumpkin” config

    Barstow “Rally” swapped drift steering and steering wheel to quick ratio


    1. 854361-36d0d29a481a68bcb5be8ff87ea0a5ef.jpg
  2. File Fix 2.0

    I had packaged the file incorrectly, making everything inaccessible. This should now be fixed.
  3. Bastion, Bastion, and Bastion

    Bolide “Drag” rear body changed to GTR rear body, added oil cooler, swapped rear fenders and doors for GTT variants, suspension, and differential tuning, increased N2O

    Bolide added “OG Notte” config

    Bastion “Mad Dash” Added stability/traction control and ABS, Savage mode now the default, added N2O for a crazy amount of power. Use at your own risk ;)

    Bastion added “Gut Feeling” config

    Bastion added “Lucifer” config

    Bastion added “Elite” config (Based on the Moonhawk config)...
  4. Name Change

    Bastion “Track” adjusted wheel offset, made the interior stock again, and renamed to “Mad Dash” because I just realized that the “Hotlap Special” exists and fills the track style.
  5. Bolide Go Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Added Bolide "Drag" and Bastion "Track" configs. Also 1 or 2 bonus configs.

    Tuning and parts changes for older configurations
  6. New Configs

    Added 8 New Configurations!
  7. A small bug fix

    Fixed the file issue.
  8. TURBOburger

    -Some small part changes
    -Added new configuration "TURBOburger". It's a super modified turboburger delivery Pessima.
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