Beta Hunter's Engine pack 1.4

Engines, LM2 Durmax, Vortec, Detroit, Stupid engines

  1. hunter-eldred-gaming
    Only works on Roamer and D-series
    This mainly contains vortecs at the moment, I should note with the 4300 that it does not shift unless you put your foot off of the gas, same with the Eldred WT6800. Please note the engine numbers will need to be converted from FT-LB to NM, that update will come out tomorrow or the text day

    People I do want to thank is iretr0x for inspireation and Helldoge in iretr0x's server for getting me some dyno numbers

    This mod includes
    Vortec 4300
    Vortec 4800
    Vortec 5300
    Vortec 5700
    Vortec 6000
    Vortec 6200
    Vortec 7400
    Vortec 8100
    Chevy's new 6.6 GAS
    Chevy's ZZ632
    Detroit 6.5L
    LM2 Duramax
    Eldred's 10.0L and 20.0L V8
    Eldred's 6.8L I6

Recent Updates

  1. fixes to the ZZ632
  2. 2 New engines and burnside support
  3. Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. flozo2031
    Version: 1.4
    very great mod lots of options thank you, I have one question though, how much horsepower does your Eldred's 20litre v8 have? I'm trying to find what engine is the most powerful but I'm not sure which, I think that one has the most but I'm not entirely sure.
    1. hunter-eldred-gaming
      Author's Response
      The Eldred 20.0 is the most powerful in there at the moment, the most powerful diesel is the eldred 7.7L, that makes power as it gains rpm and that is a huge wip when it comes to the preset rpms
  2. ElementalDisruption
    Version: 1.1
    Fantastic work! Are you only doing your custom engines and GM ones or will engines from other companies be added?
    1. hunter-eldred-gaming
      Author's Response
      I really dont know yet, for now I think ill stick with gm and detroit and my own custom engines
  3. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.1
    Can you add the Duramax 2.7,2.8 or 3.0l diesel?
    1. hunter-eldred-gaming
      Author's Response
      The durmax 3.0L is the LM2 (the factory name for it), though I will look into the 2.7 and 2.3 and add those into the pack
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