Beta Hunter's Engine pack 2.0

Engines, LM2 Durmax, Vortec, Detroit, Stupid engines, bastion pickup/roamer swap

  1. Bluebuck LS

    Added an LS to the bluebuck, currently the 4.8 and 5.3
    Should note the stock hood is the only hood that works without any inploding, this is becuase of the node placement in the engine that I have to fix, but other than that it works really well with a stock hood

    Added the more LS engines to the barstow, 5.7 (chevy 350 basically), 6.0, 6.2 and chevy's 6.6!, currently the ecu's for the barstow are bugged on the vortecs and that is somthing ill have to fix

    Also added a I6 diesel sound to the...
  2. LS SWAP BARSTOW! also fixes

    Right so, this update added a ls swap barstow, current engine avalable for it is the 5.3L vortec, still needs a few things but it works, should note when applied some slots may be blank, just select the parts and it will be fine
    Also blown vortec 6.0 for the d-series (also for the roamer), has a blown head gasket and rod knock as these engines are work truck engines commonly seen in the suburban 2500's and silverado 2500's for the GMT800 platform so they are of course...
  3. fixes and a new engine

    Fixed the vortec 4300 (or 4600 i forget whats its called) and made the numbers accurate, made Dura,ax LM2 numbers more accurate, added in chevy's new 2.7L I4 turbo gas, currently doesnt have a model, also named the bastion engines in the pickup to have "bruckell" infront of them so you can find them easier, ALSO I SHOULD NOTE these engines will infact work on the roamer, if the pickup has them so does the roamer

    Whats next?
    redo the support for the pessima's so we dont get no texture and...
  4. Bastion V8 in d-series

    Title says it all, bastion v8 in the truck, both 5.7 and 6.5, up next is the v6 and a bolide swap

    for both pessima's I removed them in this update as the swaps need work still, so for those who use the vortec in the pessima please bear with me here

    For any suggestions please pm me
    for critism pm me or leave a review on why you gave the rating you did, it helps me alot to improve this


    1. utubethumnail.png
  5. Burnside Vortec & chevy 6.6 Gas

    Title sums it up, Added V8 vortecs and chevys 6.6L gas to the burnside

    Vortec 5300 in old pessima, WIP

    Next in the upcomming updates

    Classic V8 for the ZZ632, add that to the burnside
    Engine support for the van and roamer
    More work on old pessima

    Any issues or suggestions for this please feel free to pm me
  6. fixes to the ZZ632

    For now ignor any engines in the burnside, they are there plus a test engine if you do want to mess with it in game anyways

    ZZ632 got numbers converted from FT-LB to NM so power is accurate
  7. 2 New engines and burnside support

    D series has recived

    Chevy ZZ632 Big block creat engine

    Eldred's 7.7L diesel


    Should note these are a huge wip and are buggy, the truck parts conflict with the engine cuasing slots to be blank or say empty, I will find a way to fix these some how, if you know how to fix this please pm me

    6.6 Gas

    For any engine suggestions please PM me
  8. Fix

    Made it so Vortec 5700 Doesnt blow up with late ecu
  9. Diesel engines and corrected numbers

    Added a Detroit 6.5L and a LM2 Duramax 3.0 I6
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