Beta Hunter's Engine pack 1.4

Engines, LM2 Durmax, Vortec, Detroit, Stupid engines

  1. fixes to the ZZ632

    For now ignor any engines in the burnside, they are there plus a test engine if you do want to mess with it in game anyways

    ZZ632 got numbers converted from FT-LB to NM so power is accurate
  2. 2 New engines and burnside support

    D series has recived

    Chevy ZZ632 Big block creat engine

    Eldred's 7.7L diesel


    Should note these are a huge wip and are buggy, the truck parts conflict with the engine cuasing slots to be blank or say empty, I will find a way to fix these some how, if you know how to fix this please pm me

    6.6 Gas

    For any engine suggestions please PM me
  3. Fix

    Made it so Vortec 5700 Doesnt blow up with late ecu
  4. Diesel engines and corrected numbers

    Added a Detroit 6.5L and a LM2 Duramax 3.0 I6
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