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Beta Hybrid Citybus 7.0.0

A custom configuration for the Wentward DT40L bus that adds a real hybrid-electric drivetrain

  1. Arcanox
    Note: this mod requires the Arcanox Core mod in order to work

    parts_all.png version6_preview1.png

    To learn how the mod system works, I created this experimental new configuration for the default Citybus that adds a hybrid drivetrain similar to the hybrid buses found in larger cities like Chicago and NYC. This configuration includes a custom eCVT transmission, which has a built in electric motor for boosted torque and "regenerative braking" which slows down the vehicle using the resistance of the motor (which captures kinetic energy into the battery and, on a real hybrid vehicle, reduces wear-and-tear on the friction brake system). The engine on the bus even shuts off when it's not needed (such as when approaching a bus stop or a traffic signal) to conserve fuel!

    This configuration is especially great on the "West Coast" map, as the increased torque helps when climbing the steep city inclines, and the regenerative braking likewise helps when descending these inclines.

    There are pre-made hybrid configurations (city_hybrid, zebra_hybrid, and race_hybrid), or you can change an existing configuration to hybrid by changing the transmission selection:


    There's also a full-electric version of the bus using the hybrid system's powertrain but with a much larger battery instead of an engine!

Recent Reviews

  1. DaddelZeit
    Version: 6.0
    This needs to be in the main game
  2. steven fong
    steven fong
    Version: 6.0
    I can't live without this. With the new version the bus drives just like a hybrid should. Everything is working perfect. A++
  3. wangyiming721
    Version: 5.1
  4. Confused_Deer43
    Version: 5.0
    Well made! I love the sound it makes, and the race config is awesome
  5. Scott2444
    Version: 5.0
    This is a great mod but I noticed since the most recent update, when you remove the interior passenger signs, the bus stops working.
  6. ARES IV
    Version: 5.0
  7. Ege.A
    Version: 5.0
    how close speed limit :D , unfortunately after update mod isn't working.
    1. Arcanox
      Author's Response
      Make sure you don't have any mods installed that conflict with it. Try disabling all other mods to see if it will work. It works for me and several other people on 5.0, so it's likely a conflict on your end.
  8. ttvdubstar44_yt
    Version: 5.0
    me like
  9. Ohhi69
    Version: 4.0
    Mod is great but it is unrealistically fast. (Not necessarily a bad thing!)
  10. Clever9
    Version: 2.1
    The bus does not move at all since the last update...
    ETK 800 - hybrid still works fine though
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