Hybrid modified LMH race car 1.0

AcE LMH Hybrid 2021/2022

  1. fillman86
    Fitted with a 498.4kw (500kw is the limit) twinturbo v10 in the back, and a 200kw (maximum allowed) for the front axle. The Hybrid system is only active over 120kmh (~75mph) due to the regulations (though there is talk to have it only available over 180kmh), it is also just automatically on. No matter what I did, there was a limit on regen, so the battery is just a 50kw pack.

    There's also an animated steering wheel, and shift lights on the gage cluster.
    The build is over the 1030kg minimum, within the maximum height, width taller than the minimum height, and many other accurate regulations for LMH.

    please consider watching the related video I made for this build -

Recent Reviews

  1. dotmac
    Version: 1.0
    very realistic and fun to drive
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