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Mustang GT - American

    This is the HyperX G450T. This is a Pony Car, not really a race track or a drag strip car... Its not very fast, but It sounds extremely loud and amazing! It also drives excellent! There isn't that much torque until 4000rpm, because it is a pony car, not a muscle car.

    You probably can already guess what this car is just by looking at the taillights (Pony Car). I wont mention any real life names.

    screenshot_2019-01-19_20-45-25.png screenshot_2019-01-19_20-45-54.png screenshot_2019-01-19_20-46-14.png

    I tried my best to make this car look real, but I also added some personal touches to make it unique! I just decided to put a big block V8 instead of a 5L small block V8 for exhaust volume purposes.

    Version 0.1 Specs: (Specs could change through the updates*)

    Naturally Aspired 9L
    (*This car is Much Louder than a lot of other stock BeamNG cars! Please Lower Your Volume Before spawning this car!)

    600 Horsepower @ 6200rpm
    522 lb-ft Torque @ 5400rpm

    0-60mph: 4.5s
    1/4 Mile: 12.43s
    Top Speed: 204mph
    Avg Fuel Economy: 7mpg

    (I know the fuel economy is insane, but remember this is a 9 liter engine, but not only that, I does not have a turbo. The engine is making all the power by itself (N/A engine). Let's forget about the Fuel economy since it's just a game!)

    Stay tuned for updates!

    Thank you!

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    Drive safe, and enjoy!


    1. screenshot_2019-01-19_20-45-46.png
    2. screenshot_2019-01-19_20-46-19.png
    3. screenshot_2019-01-19_20-46-29.png

Recent Reviews

  1. cob4lt974
    Version: v0.1
    Overall good, the front is good,the tailight is bit too centered, it would be nice if its has a rear diffuser (using a diffuser mod from the workshop or manualy make ones using bumper bars).
    Why does a 9 litre only produces 600bhp?
    Try increase the valve timing(vvt) and use race intake and headers
      Author's Response
      I tried using race intake, but it just sounds too open and it doesn't have the deep tonal sound I'm looking for. I designed the car with loud exhaust sound in mind, and there are certain performance stuff that I had to give up for a better and louder sounding exhaust. Using only performance engine parts in Automation kills the deep exhaust tone in my opinion. It would be cool if it had more power, but I didn't want to make too much power to make the car controllable. The reason why I added a 9 liter engine is to get the maximum exhaust volume. Bigger displacement tends to produce Louder exhaust sounds! I might add a little more power soon! Thanks for your review and suggestions, really appreciate it! Stay tuned for updates!
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