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Beta I-Series 4500 V8 1.1

A V8 for your I-Series hauling needs.

  1. 0.13 Supercharger whines, configs and more!

    My apologies for updating this mod so..so late.

    This update brings;
    • 0.13 supercharger sounds
    • Some tweaks
    • Removed the V8 unibody -NOW WORKS WITH I SERIES WAGON!- Hopefully the coupe mod as well, if anyone has got that mod working.
    • 5 configs (Sleeper reworked):
    4500 (A and M)
    4500si TTSport
    4500six Sleeper
    4500 Track

    45001.png 4500ttsport1.png 4500sleeper1.png 4500track1.png
  2. Another one

    Duplicated stuff....
  3. PreRelease fix

    Duplicated stuff
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