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Ibishu 2000 tuning. 1.0

Just My view on 2000 year in tuning.

  1. zagdima
    In my 2000 we had shitty cars because I live in a poor country, fake Sparco etc. were only available. But, looking through international magazines, I try to realize everything that I remember from those years. So this is my result.
    BeamNGdriveScreenshot20201104-03261203.png BeamNGdriveScreenshot20201104-03091621.png
    BeamNGdriveScreenshot20201104-03105045.png BeamNGdriveScreenshot20201104-03181519.png

    My main efforts were directed at the functionality and not the appearance of the car, and you can see for yourself.
    BeamNGdriveScreenshot20201104-03073374.png BeamNGdriveScreenshot20201104-03153383.png BeamNGdriveScreenshot20201104-03112220.png BeamNGdriveScreenshot20201104-03240726.png
    The car has opening doors, a trunk, neon lighting with adjustable colors.
    I put in this car a 2.5L inline 5-cylinder all-wheel drive from Cherrier VIvace. New disks.
    PgUp open / close the right door
    PgDown open / close the left door
    O - Open trunk
    M - Turn on the subwoofer, press more for sound. (5 types of sound can be selected in the parts menu under subwoofer).

    The color of the neon lights can be adjusted in the setting menu, the visual effects of the neon lights can be adjusted in the color menu. Neons turn on along with the headlights.
    I'm not good at 3d modeling, but I tried my best, the only thing I did was a big roof spoiler. And a few small details.
    The mod itself is autonomous from the car in the game. This should work.

    Hope you will like it.
    This mod is for the 2000's tuning modding challenge.

Recent Reviews

  1. TheX
    Version: 1.0
    Would be a great 2000's mod if not 2 things :
    1. Neons really affect FPS
    2. It's a seperate vehicle
    1. zagdima
      Author's Response
      yes... fps. and I didn't know that it shouldn't be a separate vehicle... is this very important?
  2. Taipan
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome mod!
    1. zagdima
      Author's Response
      thank you
  3. Wreck
    Version: 1.0
    Hello! An excellent mod, it has very good functionality and the quality of the mod is at its best!
  4. sabasss
    Version: 1.0
    im really interested in the speakers, can you make a mod so that the speaker can be put in most beamng cars and have custom music
    1. zagdima
      Author's Response
      It's a lot of work, if you want making 3d like object. But if you want just add sound you can check files from this car. Just need to use special node for this and some other code.
  5. RobloxFan2
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice!
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