Beta Ibishu 200BX Drift Missile Config (No mods required) 0.1

A 200BX Drift Missile that is fairly easy to drift but still requires some skill

  1. CLutch444
    So I see a lot of people with wheels coming to (very happy to see it) and I decided that I'd upload the config that I used to learn how to drift, yes it is a missile so don't be afraid if you bend a bumper or rip a door off, it's a shitpile that drifts lol. So yeah this was tested by me on my Logitch G27 (with shifter) and it doesn't have a turbo so some extra skill is required but for me drifting without a turbo is much easier. Anyway hope this can help someone with their drifting, enjoy :D Ibishu200BXDriftMissile.jpg

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  1. Grrainz
    Version: 0.1
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