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  1. AWD + Rims overhaul (1.5a)

    Added content:
    • The GTz is now AWD (there is also a RWD transfer case if you like wheelspin)
    • The cover for the ignition coils can now be removed (More parts/colors will be added in future updates)
    • Added a trunk with body colored rear panel
    • Added a high performance radiator
    • Added a boost restrictor, only available for...
  2. Engine Upgrades (1.4a)

    Added content:
    • The appearance of the engine can now be customized (More parts/colors will be added in future updates)


    (Having no filter or a performance intake manifold will affect your engine's performance, other parts are cosmetics only)
    • Added JDM tailights, fenders, bumpers and gauge cluster (The only difference between normal fenders/bumpers and the JDM...
  3. Minor improvements (1.3c3)

    Note: These are the "major" changes since most of the update was done months ago and I have forgotten about what I've done
    Added content:
    • RHD body
    • Fenders that (mostly) lines up with the bumper
    • Added a speed limiter for the I6 engine (180 km/h, can be deleted)
    Changes/Improvements to current content:
    • Re-modeled the front bumper support so they fit better under the...
  4. Minor update (1.3b2)

    Changes/Improvements to current content:
    • Updated transmissions to current game version (added gear whine)
    • Removed the unfinished tachometer
    Please report any bugs if you find them, it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. RHD update (1.3a)

    Added content:
    • Added RHD I6 body (also tweaked engine bay crap so it doesn't clip with the engine)
    • Added GTz steering wheel
    • Added wide-body kit (based on the wide-body kit included in the game)
    • Added license plate taped to the windshield because things taped on the windscreen looks cool
    • Added front bumper support that fits the turbocharged engine...
  6. Reworked texture (1.2a)

    Changes/Improvements to current content:
    • Reworked texture of I6 engine and GZ1 rims
    screenshot_2019-12-01_06-40-33.png screenshot_2019-12-01_04-49-23.png screenshot_2019-12-01_04-49-50.png
    • Modified race exhaust to fit the stock bumper
    • Tweaked race exhaust's sound
    • Strengthened GTz spoiler mount
    • Fixed rear GZ1 17x8 using 17x9 tires slot
    • And other things that I have already forgotten about
  7. Changed performance data (1.1c)

    Changes/Improvements to current content:
    • "GTz (M)" config now uses accurate performance data generated from the game
  8. Minor fix (1.1b)

    Changes/Improvements to current content:
    • "GTz (M)" config now uses street-legal sport tires instead of racing slicks
  9. New parts and improvements (1.1a)

    Added content:
    • Okudai GZ1 Rims (Available in Silver/Black and 17x8/17x9)
    screenshot_2019-11-10_06-01-16.png screenshot_2019-11-10_06-02-15.png
    • GTz spoiler
    Changes/Improvements to current content:
    • Modified sound for stage 2/3 turbocharger
    • I6 engine is now more durable
    • "GTz (M)" config now has Okudai GZ1s equipped
    and probably something that i have already forgotten about
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