Outdated Ibishu Auto Rental Service - Pack 2 1.0_R0

Official Ibishu Car Rental Service from 1990 to 2015, made for Ibishu Hopper

  1. ibishucovet1987.txt
    Ibishu Auto Rental Service (IARS)

    In late 1989, Ibishu releases Ibishu Hopper, inspired by old military Japanese and US small jeeps, the sales of these cars been so good, that Ibishu decided to make IARS version of the Ibishu Hopper, on development stage, Ibishu wanted to make only 3 versions of it, but decided to make 9 versions with different roof options, and 1 special vehicle for emergency employees to help both Ibishu Covet IARS drivers, and Ibishu Hopper IARS drivers without any problems, and very quickly. In early 1990, Ibishu introduced the new IARS Hopper cars to some IARS points in Japan, and then in middle of 1990, to Europe, and USA, like with Ibishu Covet, they stopped their service in 2015, due of bad quality builds of cars

    What adds this mod to the game:

    -10 Configurations for Ibishu Hopper

    -and nothing, just some configurations

    What are the configurations that are included in this car pack:

    IARS-Basic (Comes in versions with roof, without roof, and without roof and windshield):
    Cheap both in production and for rent, very slow, and engine revving limited to 4300 RPM, it is popular in some poor countries, and it's more used for driving on beach and in city (basically the rental beach car), the cost of renting a car is 20$

    IARS-Standard (Comes in versions with roof, without roof, and without roof and windshield):
    It's not cheap in production but still cheap to rent it, much quicker compare to Basic one, engine revving limited to 4500 RPM, been very popular in Europe, especially in France, and UK, it's more used as car for transportating some big boxes, or as beach car, the cost of renting a car is 25$

    IARS-Heavy (Comes in versions with roof, without roof, and without roof with roll bars):
    Same as Standard, but it's got Heavy duty suspension and engine, it's more used for transportating some very heavy items, and as the Camera car for films, or TV shows,
    engine revving limited to 5000 RPM, and the cost of renting a car is 35$

    Special IARS vehicle for helping other IARS drivers that are in trouble (like car is stuck in dirt or it's got the crash), it's looks like it's a rental car that you can rent it, but in reality, it's not a rental car, it is emergency car for some IARS employees.

    Licence Plates in Rental configurations:

    All configurations having licence plate text "RENT-000" as default, you can change numbers for example to 010, or 777, or clear whole default licence plate text, and change it to own. But remember, if you respawn it by using CTRL+R, it will resets licence plate text back to default "RENT-000".


Recent Reviews

  1. ILoveOldCars
    Version: 1.0_R0
    love the idea maybe you can make the same thing with 200BX and the 80s Pessima
  2. Mr. Jestar
    Mr. Jestar
    Version: 1.0_R0
  3. A8den
    Version: 1.0_R0
    good thumbs up beamng boy
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