Beta Ibishu Bajlando Pack 1gen 0.75

small Japanese car from the 80s

  1. in 0.75 version uploaded Ibishu Bajlando cabrio and sport

    Ibishu Bajlando 1979-1988

    i3 DOHC 35hp/72Nm
    i4 DOHC 70hp/99Nm
    I4 DOHC turbo 108hp/156Nm

    Bajlando turbo
    Bajlando Van
    Bajlando Shizen
    Bajlando cabrio
    Bajlando Sport

    Bajlando - Driver airbag, Radio.

    Bajlando turbo - Radio, ABS, Power steering, Driver airbag,
    half-bucket seats.

    Bajlando Shizen - Driver airbag, Radio.

    Bajlando Van - No equipment.

    Bajlando cabrio - Radio

    Bajlando Sport - Radio, ABS, Power steering, Driver airbag


    1. default.png
    2. difolt.png
    3. dii.png
    4. dioos.png
    5. fdii.png
    6. sssioa.png
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