Outdated Ibishu Blackfoot 1.1

An acceptable equivalent of a box-on-wheels

  1. atomspeed123
    This car has been abandoned. It will be no longer receive official updates. Therefore, please do not release any further public modifications nor fixes for this car. It is not worth anyone's time working with it, and it's got more problems than you might think. You have been warned. For those wanting to use this car normally please note that it has numerous problems associated with it. Please keep this in mind. The vehicle being 'Unsupported' does not mean the same thing as being 'Outdated', and the car will still work with current game versions for now, if you do feel like using it. It is advisable that you clear your cache before installing this mod, as well as fully removing the very outdated betas that were posted on the forums. This should fix texture problems.

    This car was intended to be a lore-friendly SUV based off of the XJ-generation Jeep Cherokee.

    screenshot_00017.png screenshot_00018.png screenshot_00021.png

    This was my first vehicle mod for this game, though I have had experience with other games previously.

    In this version, you're limited from Blackfoots Commando through Deluxe, with only 4-door versions being available.

    A quick run-down on the car:
    The Ibishu Blackfoot was the company's first venture into the sport utility market, and saw large sales success since its debut, since it had no real competition in its class. It was considerably more compact than other SUVs of its time, but offered just as much space inside, with a rear bench seat and room for 5 people.

    It shared parts with the Hopper, which was sold alongside it through the 1990s.

    It was quite fast for what it was back in its day, available with up to 190hp in the Power Six starting in 1991. Handling isn't the most direct, but offers a good mix of car-like agility and truck-like strength. Body roll is very controlled, due to front and rear swaybars and Quad-Arm front suspension.

    It is quite cabable off-road as you would expect, with off-road scores higher than Hopper equivalents across the board due to more grip and wider track.

    Special Features
    • A functional aqua-tinted anti-glare windscreen
    • A combination of front coil and rear leaf springs, with dual solid axles
    • A lockable center differential for full-time 4WD on Power-Trak equipped models
    • Uniframe construction, meaning a truck-like chassis is integrated into the bodyshell, saving space and weight.
    • Boot (trunk)-mounted spare wheel
    Driving Guidelines
    If you choose a model with a lockable center differential, you MUST lock the differential when driving in RWD, otherwise the car won't move.

    Only lock the center differential in situations where you are really stuck. On four-wheel-drive models without a locking center differential, it is advised that you do not use 4WD on paved roads, as it will increase wear and worsen handling.
    Special Thanks To:

    This mod remains unfinished. Please be aware that complaining about bugs doesn't necessarily mean this car will ever be updated by myself, nor anyone else for that matter.

Recent Updates

  1. Bugfix #1

Recent Reviews

  1. Alijah465
    Version: 1.1
    if there was to be a return i would want it to be the jeep cherokee WJ
  2. Im_a_Lefty
    Version: 1.1
    A return? :o
  3. supra4life
    Version: 1.1
    Well, i thought this mod was recent ;( why did it get abandon?!
  4. mowen
    Version: 1.1
    Wish it was hot fixed to 0.15
  5. TheDarkMike01_
    Version: 1.1
    This is (was?) a very nice mod, it's s sad to see it's been abandoned..
  6. Fred donnithorne
    Fred donnithorne
    Version: 1.1
    Was a sick mod..... Up until you abandoned it
  7. tsunamidrew
    Version: 1.1
    This is a great Mod! pretty sad you just abandoned it
  8. Beam Dumps
    Beam Dumps
    Version: 1.1
    Quit being a drama queen
  9. EliasDS
    Version: 1.1
    Don't understand what's wrong with it. I use it so much to off road in. Compared to other 4x4 mods this is one of the best ! It's such a fun off roader. It'syourBoi also made super cool parts for it !
  10. Cartecay_Modding
    Version: 1.1
    Can I have a RIP in the chat?
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