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    Ibishu Chisai


    Both Covet and Chisai were presented at Tokyo motor show in 1985, Covet as more of an export car and Chisai as a real jdm kei. They featured similar design and interior but there was quite a big difference between them in both their specsheet and target markets.
    Chisai was sold in quite a lot of different trim levels, starting from utility to beefed up AWD track oriented versions made by IRD (Ibishu Racing Departament).

    Chisai vs Covet:

    screenshot_2022-01-07_15-17-34.png screenshot_2022-01-07_15-17-44.png screenshot_2022-01-07_15-18-03.png

    It is indeed a full on kei car which weighs less than 800kg and features an era-correct selection of engines and parts as well as some custom and modern ones :D

    This mod also features in depth customisation of engine, exterior and interior, starting from the most basic, to modern feature packed custom parts!
    screenshot_2021-07-16_20-33-43.png screenshot_2021-07-16_20-34-27.png screenshot_2021-07-16_20-35-28.png screenshot_2021-07-16_20-35-57.png
    screenshot_2021-07-16_22-30-51.png screenshot_2021-07-16_22-31-39.png screenshot_2021-07-16_22-33-13.png screenshot_2021-07-16_22-34-56.png screenshot_2021-07-16_22-36-32.png

    A little screenshot gallery:

    screenshot_2022-01-07_15-00-51.png screenshot_2022-01-07_15-02-46.png screenshot_2022-01-07_15-05-05.png
    screenshot_2022-01-07_14-52-43.png screenshot_2022-01-07_15-15-26.png screenshot_2022-01-07_14-58-10.png


    This mod also comes with japanese kei car and malaysian license plate.

    Support my work and get access to early versions of the mods here https://www.buymeacoffee.com/nekkit

    Any suggestions and bug reports are appreciated either in dm or in forum thread. Thanks!

    BeamNG - for covet base mesh and jbeam
    @D-Troxx - Okudai Turbofans
    @Dayz Me Rollin' - Huge help with v1.1 (see changelog)
    @TrackpadUser - fixing rear suspnesion
    @Car_Killer - for general help, kashira assets, bug reporting and fixing

    @JorgePinto - Malaysian plate fontmap
    @Ezo - help with drivetrain
    @LJ Designs - aftermarket kit

    @Yuko~chan - japanese lightbar
    @Velstydez - rotary engine model
    And the whole beta testing team :D
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Recent Reviews

  1. SysVR
    Version: 2.3.8
    There are problems with several models, such as chair legs protruding from the body and drum brakes not centered.

    However, as a vehicle, I like it a lot.

    Thanks for making it.
  2. sudu_
    Version: 2.3.8
    epique jbem

    epique god nugget
  3. epan selalu lapar
    epan selalu lapar
    Version: 2.3.8
    I like it! , but add more config for Chisai 545 cc i2 engine please.
  4. Andryusha
    Version: 2.3.8
    Cute lil car
  5. CH4RL3S
    Version: 2.3.8
    Kei car we wanted.
  6. ! nick
    ! nick
    Version: 2.3.8
    great mod! unfortunately, i have placed a pipe bomb in your mailbox.
  7. Seum
    Version: 2.3.8
    Feels like an original car from the game. It would also be cool to have a 1.9 or 2.0 SDI (N/A Diesel engines) for this small car because those engines make around 60-75 hp but can stand more workload. CONCLUSION: EPIC
  8. armandyt
    Version: 2.3.7
    Really epic mod! The detail is crazy!
  9. namsan
    Version: 2.3.7
    Kei cars in BeamNG are literally the best thing, and they are fun to drive and crash. Thanks for making this mod.
  10. BlackMetal
    Version: 2.3.7
    So much fun in the little thing
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