Ibishu Chisai 1.2.2

First ever kei car on the repository!

  1. fixed configs like 3 months later but idc

  2. bug fixes for 0.21

    minor fixes
  3. Tuning Update

    - Added 3 new configs
    - FWD Track
    - Minicorn
    - Okudai Showcar
    - Fixed loads of mesh problems
    - Added new bodykits and parts
    - Added new skins
    - Added 880cc i4 engine with loads of tuning
    - Fixed shading on utility body
    - Changed torque curves a bit

    -Fixed rear suspension geometry (by @TrackpadUser )
  4. moderation: fix

    Fixed empty mesh lag issue
  5. Bugfix of a bugfix

    Dazy Chisai changes -

    -660cc 4 cyl changed to 656cc 3cyl with different powerband and less revvs
    -Added Twin cylinder engine for pre 1990 Chisai models
    -Added DOHC 637cc 3 cylinder bike engine swap
    -Retuned all engines
    -Added 180kmh speedlimiter for respective ECUs (most JDM cars of this era cut fuel at 180kmh)
    -Changed manual & automatic gearbox ratios
    -Torque converter stall speed changed
    -AWD system fixed
    -Highest power output of all factory production engines no...
  6. Rebalance

    see 1.1.1 changelog
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