Ibishu Chisamurai 0.5

the 4x4 Offroad Ibishu Chisai

  1. Fixed Parts

    - Fixed Skidplate Jbeam
    - Added Fixed Tow Hitch to all bodies
    - Fixed Rally Lights
  2. 4x4 UTES!!!

    - Adds a 4x4 Ute Body along with a roll bar and jump seats:).
    - Improved textures on skidplate and snorkel.
    - Added Chat 660 Config Based on the Subaru Brat.

  3. Skidplate and Snorkel

    - Added Skidplate (Jbeam from original Chisai mod)
    - Added Snorkel
  4. Offroad Bumpers and Config's

    -Added Higher Clearance Bumpers
    -Added "IRD" and "Custom" Configurations
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