Outdated Ibishu Covet Electric Conversion 2.0

An electric variant of the Ibishu Covet featuring all-wheel drive, instant torque and sweet sounds.

  1. Chase camera and 5.6 fix

    Adds chase camera and compatibility with 5.6

    ABS currently does not work. I will post an update when it does.
  2. Racing and Rally Config

    Adds a racing and rally configs.
  3. Adressed oversteer

    Changed out differentials to remove oversteer.
  4. ABS brakes now standard

    They can be replaced with locking brakes in the config menu.
  5. Fixed for release

    Changed file names to comply with mod requirements.
  6. Fixed exploding wheels

    The car's wheels would explode when overturned. Fixed.
  7. Battery Overhaul

    The battery is now more realistic featuring redone textures as well as a new jbeam and model. Weight and stiffness have been calibrated as well.
  8. Added "eco" config

    This adds a single-motor engine which consumes less power. Also adds larger battery pack. This config is meant for long drives where performance is not a requirement.
  9. Fixed shading

    Mirrors and other various objects have been corrected. Previously, reflections were off.
  10. Made corrections to 3d model

    Hatch used incorrect battery model
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