Beta Ibishu Covet: Insane Edition V8 UPDATE 1.2

A Hill Climb/Time Attack inspired Covet that drives like a Go-Kart

  1. Motorcycle Madness

    alex hart
    This is a reasonably large update. I added a wide-body kit, The AWD was fixed (massive thanks to @Sjn212) and I added a new engine. The engine in question is a v8 made up from two i4s stuck together. It revs to 10,000 RPM and can make up to around 650hp. There's also a new config which is much easier to control than the first version. The interior is also now stripped.


    1. screenshot_00027.png
    2. screenshot_00028.png
    3. screenshot_00029.png
    4. screenshot_00030.png
  2. Automation Update Fix

    alex hart
    I fixed the mod so it doesn't explode essentially.
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