Beta ibishu covet "KANJO-ZOKU" skin pack 0.1

Japanese street racers style skins!!

  1. Byako-gazelle
    [I'm not good at English, so I use a translator to post.]

    Kanjo-zoku. It was born from the Japanese street racer culture. They go around the ring road every night, echoing dry exhaust nodes in the dark night. They have only one purpose. To leave this culture for generations to be made...

    〇This skin pack contains 8 different paint patterns.
    〇You can change the color of all skins.

    screenshot_2021-08-12_20-42-34.png screenshot_2021-08-12_20-45-49.png screenshot_2021-08-12_22-42-03.png screenshot_2021-08-12_20-40-40.png screenshot_2021-08-15_00-41-56.png screenshot_2021-08-15_00-42-04.png screenshot_2021-08-15_00-41-46.png screenshot_2021-08-15_00-41-39.png screenshot_2021-08-12_20-46-31.png screenshot_2021-08-15_00-42-31.png screenshot_2021-08-15_00-40-37.png

    〇Apply aftermarket stickers to glass.
    〇Fix a color bug on the mirror stand.

    Please download it and tell us what you think.

    Have fun! !

Recent Reviews

  1. LJ74
    Version: 0.1
    Some pretty cool skins
    1. Byako-gazelle
      Author's Response
      thank you!
  2. Ryo13silvia
    Version: 0.1
    Bloody amazing.
    1. Byako-gazelle
      Author's Response
      thank you~!
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