Outdated Ibishu Covet V6R4 1.1.02019

The Group Beam rally car

  1. Blijo
    Well, here it is after 9 months of slow development.
    The Ibishu Covet V6R4 Group Beam rally car!
    It has a unique widebody with a V6 engine mounted behind the front seats. This engine comes in 2 variants: The V6R 2991CC Clubman engine with a redline @7000rpm with 308ps and 321NM of torque and the Rally spec V6R 2991CC with a 9000 rpm redline with 414ps and 375nm in stock tune.
    The rally engine also has some tuning options with everything you need :)...
    This mod also includes some wheels and tires to match the car.

    Notes before you download:
    It isnt really finished, it is decent enough to upload imho since it is driveable.
    Crash physics arent really spot on and the model and textures arent of the highest quality.
    Extra note:
    If you want a higher top speed, change the final gear ratio in the tuning menu, current gears are for rallying/hillclimbs and not for dragracing/high speed racing

    anyway, have fun with it
    screenshot_01517.png screenshot_01526.png screenshot_01536.png screenshot_01544.png
    and a video by CaptanW:

    And another cool video:

    If you like it, please consider to donate:
    https://www.paypal.me/blijo :)

Recent Updates

  1. Small fix
  2. Camera hotfix
  3. Afterfire, NoS and more!

Recent Reviews

  1. Cuphead
    Version: 1.1.02019
    Used to be great, now it's completely broken. Steering doesn't work and most of the time it breaks the game on spawn.
  2. VolvoS60Polestar
    Version: 1.1.02019
    The car was bada** when it worked. Now the steering does nothing, and the rear axles break. I am so sorry to see this mod meet this terrible end. It deserved so much better.
  3. Nigth-Royale
    Version: 1.1.02019
    i have like downlaod it like 2 times and allthe time the streering wont work, and i treid to shift to nprmal streering with replacing some parts but that did not work
  4. SirBlank
    Version: 1.1.02019
    Very good looking but the handling of the rally cars are literally terrible. When you come up to 150+km/h it gets super uncontrolable and not realistic in any way, would love this car on some good rally map but for now that's not the case, sorry
  5. RetroKing
    Version: 1.1.02019
    That's what i called a "Balls of Steel" vehicle. Looking forward that you keep this baby functioning.
  6. Simon Kristl
    Simon Kristl
    Version: 1.1.02019
    It's a great mod. But the rims aren't aligned with the tires properly. And the rear tires pop realy easily on the Twin-Turbo Hillclimb car (could be an issue with custom tires). Other than that, it's realy good, don't have any other complaints. :)
    1. Blijo
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I know about both issues(race tires is mentioned in the log), they will be fixed when I overhaul this mod sometime, idk when
  7. ttvdubstar44_yt
    Version: 1.1.02019
    this is very good gg
  8. BakaBeanBag
    Version: 1.1.01
    love this car, great for drifting. With the update for the bluebuck the steering no longer works on it anymore :(
  9. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: 1.1.01
    last update broke it ... :'(
  10. TheGameLix2
    Version: 1.1.01
    Great mod but one of the previous BeamNG updates broke it for me aswell. The car spawns normally but can't accelerate beyond 45kmh. I already reinstalled it but it's still broken.
    This was one of my favourite mods so I would be really grateful if you would fix it.
    1. Blijo
      Author's Response
      Please check if there aren't any mods conflicting (apex pack, ucp etc) and then send me a pm with what is wrong.
      Thank you :)
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