The greatness of the Pigeon contained in an epic Cyberpunk Package

  1. Jordano
    Here it is everyone! The CYBERPIGEON 2077! This all-wheel drive drift machine was designed and created by yours truly, for TwinTurbros' Cyberpunk Build Challenge. It was either this or Keanu Reeve's head on wheels. So I think I made the right choice. :p


    I made a video on the build that's on my YouTube channel! So go check that out if you haven't seen it!

    The build turned out pretty amazing. Much better than I initially anticipated. Anyway, it's basically a pigeon but with a widebody kit and 700 horsepower. The engine sticking out of the front was fully intended for function (definitely not because I made the engine too big) but makes a SUPER AGRESSIVE, yet aesthetically pleasing design. The lightbar design I think was inspired a little by the Quadra V tech from Cyberpunk 2077, but I think mine looks better. Its got a nice wing, and a bunch of other stuff too. It's also got a full Interior I whipped up together real quick with some cyberpunky mods I found at the workshop. Anyway I go more "in-depth" in my YouTube video so go check it out if you so care. I also made a colored version. (I will link it at the bottom when ready!)

    Photo10.png Photo11.png

    The small pigeon body is equipped with a overtly big Turbocharged 3.3L Inline 6 making a noice 737 bhp, making this thing is SUPER FAST, giving this 2700lb car a 2.8 sec 0-60mph time from launch, and a blistering 221 mph top speed. Now that's 2077 performance right there. It's got a 7 Speed sequential transmission, AWD, and a few ESC modes. To fully embrace it's drift car like driving style, turn the esc off. Somehow this car is so much fun to drive and drift around, and that was unintentional, but I'm going to pretend I did it on purpose.

    Photo9.png Photo12.png

    So that's basically it! It's one of my first few builds, so I don't think it's half bad. Thanks so much! :D

    Jordan <3

    Colorable Version:

Recent Reviews

  1. OldTimersGaming
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing recreation of the Pigeon's body, and it's very well detailed. Great job.
  2. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 1.0
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