Ibishu Dove 1.2

New four-wheeled car based on the Ibishu Pigeon

  1. mike94
    Ibishu Dove V1.2

    Now features custom engine and turbo spool sounds by TheRustyRagdoll

    I proudly present you the Ibishu Dove aka Four-Wheeled Pigeon V2.0. It is four wheeled and more upmarket version of the Pigeon. I made this car using heavily modified Pigeon frame and pickup body.

    There are two versions available, the original pickup and the new wagon version. Wagon features simple angular styling with four doors and large hatch in the rear. The interior in both versions is totally new with late 70's/ early 80's style dash, fake leather seats and upholstery. Gauge cluster, dashboard switches and radio are fully illuminated as you can see from the pic below. All gauges and few switches are animated. The wagon has 10 cm longer wheelbase than the pickup to give more room for rear seat passengers.

    Pickup uses original Pigeon bed and related parts. You can open the tailgate, box truck rear door and wagon rear hatch by pressing O by default. Pickup version also can be laden with crates. You can select them from the parts selector. The mass of the load ranges from 150 to 450 kg. I recommend selecting heavy-duty rear springs for hauling the heaviest load.;)

    The front suspension is totally new and redesigned from earlier version. I spent lots of time to figure out how to reduce oversteer and improve straight-line stability. I also made the suspension more compact to make room for bigger engines and the suspension is also stronger now. The 4WD version features totally new height adjustable torsion bar front suspension. Press F or G by default to change front ride height. I think the new suspension is great improvement over the last version.

    Rear suspension is the same as original but the axle ratios are more suitable for the new engines. Every axle ratio is available with open, locking or limited-slip differential. The 4wd version is equipped by default with locking differentials.

    Now the engines. You guys said that there aren't enough power? There is now. There are many engines ranging from 30 hp 548 cc 3 -cylinder to 122 hp 1.6 liter 4 -cylinder twin carb GT-z engine. 122 hp may not sound much, but the RWD GT-z model weighs only 730 kg and it makes the Dove fly over 210 km/h and 4WD version accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds.:eek: There are also 1.5 liter 54 hp naturally aspirated and 80 hp intercooled turbodiesel engines available.

    -Pickup frame flexing during hard acceleration from standstill.
    -Body, especially the wagon body becomes sometimes instabile in high speed crashes and starts vibrating violently.
    -Wagon rear doors sometimes start vibrating after driving over large bumps.
    -There are no support for skins

    Install the .zip file into your mods folder and clear the cache, just in case.;)
    There are a plethora of different configurations available in car selector.

    This mod is made for the game version 0.8.0 and higher, so DO NOT complain about problems with engine not working, not dying underwater or engine sound playing after the engine stalls, if you have older version of the game. IF you have the latest version, PLEASE CLEAR THE CACHE before reporting problems. Thank you!

    Changelog V1.2:
    -New powertrain system
    -For now only one engine sound for all engines -the 0.8 update somehow broke "soundGroup" names in the .sbeam file. I didn't find any way to fix them.
    -4WD versions now have viscous limited-slip center differential and official locking front and rear differentials.
    -Changed front wheel toe-out to toe-in
    -Duplicated RHD dash cameras for LHD versions removed
    -Official lua used for clocks.
    -Automatic versions have more power now due to new torque converters and have revised shift points.
    -Some beams deleted to reduce body instability.
    -Some adjustments to windshield breakgroup -the windshield should break easier now.

    Changelog V1.1:
    -New custom engine sounds by TheRustyRagdoll.
    -New LHD configuration optional for both bodies and by default with diesel engines.
    -Much more rigid frames, only Pickup version has still some frame flexing under heavy acceleration. Front wheels are still wobbling under threshold braking and I couldn't fix it.
    -Frame stability and front frame deformation improved.
    -New 54 hp diesel and intercooled 80 hp turbodiesel engines with optional adjustable boost turbo.
    -Stiffer engine mounts.
    -Fixed breaking front wheel and steering by adjusting the front differential .jbeam. This fixed also the oil starving bug.
    -Automatics don't have a clutch pedal anymore.
    -Adjustable rear limited-slip differential added.
    -Moved pedals to slightly less awkward position.


    1. screenshot_00028.png
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    4. screenshot_00023.png
    5. screenshot_00016.png
    6. screenshot_00017.png
    7. screenshot_00018.png
    8. screenshot_00020.png
    9. screenshot_00029.png
    10. screenshot_00030.png
    11. screenshot_00025.png
    12. screenshot_00031.png
    13. screenshot_00027.png
    14. screenshot_00036.png
    15. screenshot_00034.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Parking Lot
    Parking Lot
    Version: 1.2
    In its state as of now, the major issue is that the crash sounds are deafeningly loud. But I'd love to see it fixed as I've had great fun with this car. But some update has made it unbearable to drive this car with sound on. (I have tried fixing it myself as best as I could but it did not work).
  2. robbonabbo
    Version: 1.2
    the car is very well made but loud. I hope it will get revamped pretty soon, maybe for Chrismas
  3. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.2
    Nostalgia. Hope this gets a revamp
  4. GeTeD
    Version: 1.2
  5. 박현진
    Version: 1.2
    Everything else is good, but the horn doesn't sound and the engine sounds too loud.
  6. Buggie
    Version: 1.2
    One of the better remixes of original game content, but seriously outdated and noisy sounds now, and no updates for years.
  7. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: 1.2
    beautiful but to loud ...
  8. HoshiNoEden
    Version: 1.2
    Great mod with lots of detail, but I literally cannot drive it without giving myself tinnitus.
  9. Speedy_Alex77
    Version: 1.2
    A little ugly thing but fun to crash.
  10. Prius
    Version: 1.2
    it is ugly but it is beautiful
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